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04-Nov-2017 23:56

and I wanted to ask him, but he does not meet me anymore. i think he took a picture of me naked, but i'm not sure, could I report the police for checking my photo on his phone? And Skype is now owned by Microsoft, a company you’ve probably also already decided whether you trust or not. Microsoft is much bigger – and used to being much bigger – than Facebook. Many more of those many more developers are involved with security. Fun is good, but like many things, too much fun often gets in the way of security.(If you are reading this on a Windows computer, an accurate first approximation is that you do.) Microsoft, despite being the archetype of closed-source software vendors, has consistently improved its attitude to security over the past 20 years, when it first wandered into the security field with a badge-engineered version of Central Point Anti-Virus. Perhaps, then, Facebook Microsoft-by-way-of-Skype will cause some of Redmond’s recognition of the long-term value of security to rub off on the social networking giant. You didn’t ask for help, so even if you think you need help now, consult a real-world friend you know and trust. Here’s some straight-talking advice on this issue: Paul Ducklin is a passionate security proselytiser. ) He lives and breathes computer security, and would be happy for you to do so, too.Facebook has just announced its video chat service, though it’s officially named Video Calling.

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Once you send a message, you're not in control of what happens to it. But there are things you can do to make the situation better and prevent it from happening again. You can't control what someone will do with an image, but having an honest conversation can help to make sure they won't pass it on.

Sometimes it’s possible to get pictures or information removed from the internet or social media sites by speaking to the person who posted them and asking them to take it down.

Other ways to get things removed include contacting the organisation responsible for the site and ask them to remove it.

Old scams have a way of seeming new and unexpected when they migrate to a new medium.

In particular, watch out for Stranded in [Foreign Location] scams. It was in the early 2000s when this happened, it was the era of chatrooms.

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