Dating issues and conflict

14-Nov-2017 12:16

From parenting to money, to intimacy, to hobbies, to things done around the house, to travel, and all else related to togetherness and openly sharing, there are endless opportunities to stumble into discord.

But focus on that key phrase, “openly sharing.” Once things are out there and presented in a way that is respectful, the conflict management is already developing into a healthy manner.

Thinkers are logical and practical, and they formulate their thoughts based on facts and reason, regardless of whether their decisions or thoughts seem unrealistic to others.

Feelers are subjective individuals, using their beliefs and values as a basis of making decisions or formulating ideas, and make sure that they are taking others’ feelings into consideration to keep a happy equilibrium between them and their peers.

When analyzing Myers-Briggs relationships, this set of preferences includes those with the Thinking preference on one end and those with the Feeling preference on the opposing end.

The moment two people in love and partnership start disagreeing on everything under the sun, that is the same moment to step back, collect ourselves, think kind thoughts toward the other, and respond in a way that is healthy and growth-producing.

the things that are not healthy in any way, shape or form. Connecting on an emotionally healthy level requires plenty of heart work.

Feeling angry isn't necessarily a problem if that anger is handled constructively; however, anger is often worsened by common beliefs that are not necessarily true.

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For example, many people learned as children that being angry means being out of control, acting childishly, or being aggressive.

I had no tools on how to effectively disagree without melting into a pile of pity for myself.