Is continental casualty liquidating

07-Oct-2017 21:16

The motion was allowed over objection and a judgment after rescript was entered for Sterilite on April 27, 1984. These expenses were incurred in over twenty billings, the bulk of which were submitted to Sterilite after the commencement of the action on October 20, 1980.

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“It is not the Debtor’s intention to treat so-called future claims or demands,” Stein wrote in his Aug. “To resolve current claims, the Debtor intends to seek approval of the insurance settlement agreements and confirmation of a chapter 11 plan of liquidation as soon as practicable.In an action for breach of contract against an insurer arising from the defendant's refusal to defend the plaintiff on a products liability claim, the plaintiff was entitled to damages with interest under G. [841-842] CIVIL ACTION commenced in the Superior Court Department on October 20, 1980.