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10-Sep-2017 03:23

A jewel in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is jam-packed with ancient sites, fascinating culture, beautiful wilderness and idyllic beaches.

Those keen on history and archaeology might like to visit one of the local museums.In fact, Sri Lanka has never prosecuted a single soldier for sexual assault or sexual misconduct while serving in a peacekeeping mission abroad, the AP found.The alleged abuses committed by its troops abroad stem from a culture of impunity that arose during Sri Lanka's civil war and has seeped into its peacekeeping missions.Prostitution is known as the oldest profession in the world and its total eradication may be a distant dream.

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Even if the people are aware of the grave danger of contacting aids, the temptation of the flesh may be too great for some section of our society that they may overcome the fear to procure the services of a prostitute.

Solutions adopted to combat AIDS and related diseases of development need to take this fact into consideration.